You’re Already Super

To me, making progress in life shouldn’t be boring or a daunting experience. I enjoy looking forward to working together, being fair with each other, and most importantly having fun! Here’s to a new business model…

To help get your child like creative juices flowing I’ve hidden a secret link to the “if we service” page on this website. There you’ll find more details on collaborating with someone who enjoys out-of-this-world people & off-the-charts projects.

Serious about working together? Lets have some good old fashion, wholesome fun and think outside the box!

a game of hide-n-seek? 😏 …The link is hidden somewhere on the next two pages after you click the ifyoufocusyouwillsucced link there <– or below…

It’s not that hard to find. Here’s a hint: 🖼

if you focus, you will succeed!

thank you!


UPDATED: 3/12/2022 8:26am USA.EST

Money doesn’t solve problems. Though, until we can collectively agree on how to create the free world for our children and for ourselves; we still need to earn money to purchase necessaries.

For the price of a premium gas stations large coffee, butter bagel, banana, and some mixed nuts, please join our premium monthly subscription to keep this websites “lights on”, food in my tummies, and us from running on “E”. Thank You!

Subscribe to get access

After you subscribe to “ifyoufocus Level 1″ monthly subscription you will receive the pass-code to the “if we services” page & more ifyoufocus ~Lv.1 premium content;

Like “…More in-depth insights / Be 1st to know about Upcoming Projects, see Drafts / and Post not seen on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or anywhere else…”

…those who know me closely know I’m not all into posting many selfies online. I actually dread it most times(you wont find many on my IG), lmao! Though as a fun little bonus I will throw in an exclusive only selfie once a month(every 16th of the month) as a thank you and sign of good faith to you all who have been showing love & support, just to sweetens the deal. lol. “oh geez” 🙂

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