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Dwayne Xii Melanin Minds

Growing up as kids my brother/cousin and I studied martial arts. It was something that just instantly warranted my love and attention. My cousin, he enrolled in American Karate and I was enrolled into TaeKwonDo. After about 1 year, my mom unenrolled my sister and me from TaeKwonDo because of “religious reasons” (we will revisit this in a later homepage blog post). I am very proud to say my cousin went on to complete his training and earn his Black Belt. He has taught me so much more about the art (‘missing pieces’); knowingly sharing knowledge and unknowingly sharing just from my observation of him…….Let me tell you RIGHT. NOW. (Clap! Clap! lol) my cousin is the BEST practitioners of Martial Arts I’ve ever seen, he is quick, intelligent, adaptable and limber as F^%$!!! While at his Black Belt Ceremony, I was privy into witnessing exactly how my cousin amassed like a billion trophies over the years from Martial Arts competitions all over America. And I have the video right here to prove it ;). Check it out Now!

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That’s him, my cousin knocking his opponents helmet clean off with one punch and then finishing him with a roundhouse spinning back kick! Amazing! Flawless Victory!

Thanks for showing us a Taste of BlackBelt Mastery Bro. I love You Man.

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Ralph Smart Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

I would also like to give a HUGE shout out to Ralph Smart. He is a Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, Relationship Guide, Alchemist, Infinite Being, that gives, in my opinion, the best information about personal self-development and the amazing thing is he does it for FREE. He also gives 1 to 1 session so if you need to contact a Psychologist don’t be afraid to ask for help. Go on over to his website now Here at RalphSmart.com or you can pick up his book on Amazon Here Feel Alive by Ralph Smart And make sure you subscribe to his Youtube channel where he has reached over 1millions subscribers!!! Don’t forget to also check out his Instagram for motivation everyday @infinitewaters

On YouTube, while searching for ‘how to stop my anxiety attacks’ back in late 2012 was the first time I was introduced to Ralph Smart. He helped change my life and heal my soul.

I hated getting up every day and going to a job, spending 8+ hours of my life doing something that did not bring me any joy. I felt like a slave, crunching numbers sending emails; but the worst part was being inauthentic, I wanted fulfillment. Acting like I wanted to be there. Stressing a smile day after day. Being around a bunch of other unhappy souls all acting like they wanted to be there too; some people were ruder than others of course, but I would have much-rathered longboarding in the park, playing music or creating art. If you are going through that now, I  urge you watch this the First among MANY Infinite Waters Diving Deep videos I have seen, He has a way of breaking it down and up that really spoke to me so I could get it. Get Me more. Maybe this video can help you too like it has helped me begin my journey in becoming the greatest version of myself 🙂

It was up to me. I learned from Ralph how to take responsibility for my life where I felt just amazing about being me. I did the work, I focused, I sacrificed things that weren’t really serving me. I made errors along the way but I didn’t give up and I won’t ever give up! & neither should you!

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