Coffee & Tea

“Some days, most days tea…some days coffee & tea; though, always tea. It’s always tea… for me.”🤷🏽‍♂️


I like to think about a quote from a StarWars movie, ” fear clouds the judgement.”

From that we can understand that fear does not serve as the best energy to use as our source for motion. Using an energy that works from a place of love and gratitude is a higher energy vibration/frequency and better serves yourself and everyone around you.

“Having a gratitude attitude even when its hard is what people call brave.” – williamyorker

Check this video out for some awesome perspective.

You can’t handle the Truth ?

…so they say.

When fiction becomes more stranger than reality as my thoughts began to form questions about our reality; …This video is going viral right now and after watching it I can see why. Also, YouTube is allegedly looking to and has “delete it” before! If it gets removed from my blog I guess we know why. My thing is, don’t focus on the negatives. Learn from them. Seek truth and understanding always.

My Questions after watching…

  • Who’s word would you believe more about what’s going on behind the scenes the stuntman or the actor ?
  • What happen when the hammer hits the blacksmith ?
  • Where does the healing began ?
  • When did we forget that could stand-up for ourselves and others ALWAYS ?
  • Why is this truth going to set the world free?

if this blog post gets 20 likes I will do a video answering these questions posted down below. Thank You.

From Top to Bottom

Check out this awesome creative video by
Philipp Klein Herrero(YouTube).

Videos like this make me feel like the limits of creativity are endless. We live in a world that is changing rapidly more and more by the second, everyday. With that, I see a new light being shined on our potential artistic growth as a species. I mean, with more time on our hands now a days, thinking and imagination I believe is heading towards an all time high! I Iove it!

The world is changing as we know it. My only question is, what cool stuff will we come up with next?

How to Get into The Mindset of Success

Check out this awesome video about working on the mind. In this video there are actual tips on how to achieve your goals by becoming more aware of how our mind works. Enjoy! and check out YouTube channel “Better Than Yesterday” Have a great day, Thank You!