turtle enjoying some sun rays at the edge of a pond



“to its like, well what do you do, you do a little bit of this a little bit of that. find joy in the things that bring you joy. how do we manage and negotiate the emotions… gratitude. you pause. don’t do. you allow the feeling of ‘being’ to envelop you. its focus your breathing. then you ride the wave. there’s a feeling of ‘doing’ and just being right up on the horizon and the next day.”


Monday good vibes song

Roy Ayrers – Everybody Love The Sunshine (1976)

man vs machine

Some may see how the internet evolves to support bartering and radio control delivery for goods and services…

What if our cars were powered by the sun like our homes, like plants and everything on earth?

Wouldn’t it be cool to fly your own drone or rc cars to your favorite place to pick up your favorite things, sometimes? Should we let artifical intelligence have all the fun?

Hobbyists may be thrilled to make a living doing what they love … I know I would.

Maybe an ideas with HUGE potential for enjoyment and practical use for getting things done in our society…

Can you see the future?

Why let artificial intelligence have all the fun?