Forever Friday!

Growing up, Friday was the most awaited day of the week. I don’t know about you, but where I went to school in NJ, only on Friday’s and special occasion were we aloud to wear jeans and have pizza. Lol. As an adult, Things haven’t changed much, either. The energy shifts at work on a Friday, we all feel it. I believe as we continue on into the early years of the 2020 decade we still get excited in celebration of the last day of the week; it’s tradition, no?

Some years ago, I someone said something along the lines of, “live everyday as if it feels like Friday.” That was an idea I’ve never thought about before. “Live everyday like Friday” … “Live everyday like Friday?” What does that mean really, I wondered?

For my brain to work good, I had to break the idea down into parts that can provide for me a more broader prospective.

The first step I took was ask a question…

What does a Friday Feel like?

Watch “FOCUS ON YOURSELF NOT OTHERS – Best Motivational Speech 2021” on YouTube

How can you know what to focus on? There’s so much to see.

There are so many things that breed the illusion of what’s important. All created to distract us from whats within … remember nature already has everything we need FREE, to all. Going outside in nature reminds you of this; reminds you to feel. Feeling helps you know what real, so you can heal and let go and grow.

“Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day! You’ve got this! Have faith. Believe in yourself.” 100%.