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In search of more spiritual info, laughs, joy, inspirations, encouragement and next level topics? Enjoy some of these amazing YouTubers & Podcasters!

Spirit Science

Infinite Waters Diving Deep

Therapeutic Schumann Resonance frequencies and 432hz music allows me to clears my mind & energies.

PLEASE listen with headphones…

this technique reminds you to recognize your inner-voice

“Quiet the mind and let your soul speak…”

Health is Wealth, Mentally, Physically, & Spiritually

Nutrition legend full interview! this one was hard to find…

You wouldn’t think we’ve been missing something in our “His-Story” classes, now would we…

“I’m just here to make you think”

Wisdom Keepers

…I’m sure, everybody like me enjoys smoking alil marijiewana, and listening to powerful podcast like The PowerfulJRE with great guest about ufos, science, athletes, tec & more interesting topics in real time…

see one of my favorite podcasters The PowerfulJRE on YouTube and Spotify today!

Open space to speak and share new ideas is not only necessary, its right!

“free safe speech space(s) for all.”

mind, body, soul…

“if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – Nicola Tesla

math that matters to me…


See more Awesomeness…

I love to watch some good anime like dragon ball z…

…ones you may not have seen and some I still enjoy to this day.

couple of episode ones… Afro Samurai & Naruto

have you heard of Funimation anime subscription channel?

do you know what chakars are?

up next…

Here is my favorite comedy shows on YouTube. Hilarious new and up coming comedians, EVERY! SINGLE! WEEK!

Comedians there crushing it to cure our Monday Night blues with some lols. please enjoy!

Enjoy more Hilarious KILL TONY episodes here!

this is probably one of the funnest sketches Ive EVER scene of all time!

if you haven’t watch Dave Chappelles Show you haven’t truly laughed …YET! 🙂

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