If You Focus You Will Succeed

Hi, Guys and Gals, thanks for stopping by. My name is Will. I ain’t no saint! but I am a kind, creative, easygoing, thoughtful, multitalented and free-spirited kinda guy. I have a fiery passion to better understand life and encourage others along the way that anything is possible with the right focus. IfYouFocus.com is a personal public website/blog/vlog where I update and constantly share original and/or sourced art, articles, creative works, ideas, inspiration, knowledge, motivation, music, experiences, products, services, and more…

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It is my pleasure to share with you inspirational, motivational, uplifting and positive content. There is saying, “whatever you focus on grows.” I keep that in mind with everything I choose to share with the viewers. Nobodies, perfect but I focus on doing my best to create an online community with a peaceful environment, one that breeds warmth, compassion, understanding, and togetherness; even if it’s just an online blog at this moment. (Please feel free to leave comments and share content with friends or family as you please.)


IfYouFocus.com serves as a constant reminder for myself and others alike. We all are worthy of a life full of love, fun, abundance, peace, purpose, and happiness. We just have to be determined to do what it takes, focus on what we do, show gratitude for all that we already have, and do our best to maintain our integrity in how we move forward. I have personally seen by how just making a few better decisions each day has changed my life in a major way. Nothing is just handed to us on a silver platter and to get good out of life you have to put good into life, its Universal Law.


May we not be so hard on ourselves. We are not perfect humans. I can’t stress that enough. Just remember to (breath deeply) and take it day by day, one step at a time. Because one step a day in the right direction is still one step Closer to your Dreams.

If You Focus, You Will Succeed!”

Thank You!

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