We Need to Know The True History of ‘African Americans’ ‘Black’ people in America

If anybody in your ‘African American’ family has ever said statements like “I have Black Foot or Cherokee or any other name of an Native American Tribe, than you need to start understanding and inner-standing why.” These are not jokes being made or folklore, there is truth behind these statements and it time WE start knowing why.

Here is one of the best historical researchers I’ve found online, being able backing it up with proof and facts found in history books & onsite locations; information(s) that have been suppressed and taken out of the history books for hundreds of years.

you think you know but y’all have know idea.

To know where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been.

Watch this video below.

and click here for more

See more from This Awesome YouTuber and Historical Researcher Here

Dane Calloway – IJHTMYT (Im Just Here To Make You Think)

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