Ever Feel like You’re Being Watched, Spied on Gaslight and ill-fully Manipulated?

sadly It’s probably because you are…

Gang-stalkers, who the hell do these people think they are?!

These people are funded by our governments and banks and think they can just adject into your life like they belong for whatever reasons they deem necessary. These people are the true life and blood sucking mosquitoes of our planet 😒 stay aware they only wish to drain you 100%

They get your family’s and friends involved, offering them money, false power, illegal spy software and hardware, to track a stalk and manipulate staged events to make you feel alone, hurt, confused, and spirituality attacked so that you can bend to their wills, which they deem righteously but in all truth is unfair, unrighteousness, unholy, ruthless, terrorizing, and apologetic wrong on the mind body and spirit levels.

These peoples actions, some unknowingly are pure evil and must be stopped, crushed abolished and made to pay for the damages they cause to individuals and families financial, health, and well-being as a whole.

Watch “Why Are We Stalking You? To Keep You Out of Jail | Molly Baldwin | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue” on YouTube

The funny thing is these people actually think they are doing something good in the world, “a necessary evil” these people are legitimately sick in the fucking head and need to be stopped 🤚🏼

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