Redemption Song

Bob Marley & the Wailers Full Song

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Bob Marley was an amazing guy. He played instruments smoked weed and had a heart of gold. His music made people do something that so few practice… the ability to feel, se the future, and think for ourselves. He was ahead of his time and created music with a message.

I’m learning guitar and so I totally had to learn some of this one for fun. I was also listening to some 432Hz music while i played so there may be some calming effects in this video. Thanks for watching.

Thank You, remember that you are somebody! Be yourself and have your best day!

Live Free

It can be quite the challenge sometimes to step into your power. The present that was gifted to you. Your life.

It’s not made ease to even recognize who you truly may be.


I implore you. Get to know who you are.

Get real quiet relax your mind and your body and ask yourself…

What are my strengths?

What are my weakness?

When do I feel empowered?

When do I feel afraid?

What do I love to do even if money was never invented and everything I needed was already here with me?